Comic Con Season!

With Comic Con season approaching I thought it would be great to do a quick post with tips for your next convention adventure! Enjoy…

Do's & Dont's
  • Schedule – It is important to ensure that you have the schedule of events, photo ops, panels in order to organize your day and not miss anything. Check on the convention’s website for panels and photo op schedule and set up alarms so you can make lines on time and not miss out on anything.
    • For example, Las Vegas Comic Con is next month and Stan Lee will be there. Seems to be one his last time appearances so definitely something to check out!8225d3_34d97bfe1e7246ae93e249fb40ebaba3~mv2

  • Plan ahead- If the next Comic Con you are attending is out of town make sure you plan and get your tickets and hotels with time. The farther away you book the cheaper it is. Check special deals online to save money!
    • If you are going to Las Vegas Comic Con coming up make sure to check out Las Vegas travel deals for the best flight and hotel packages!
  • Don’t- forget your camera. There is so much to take pics of at conventions and if you are like me and love taking pics of all the amazing cosplay and panels you don’t want to forget your camera. Remember to make sure you delete old pics and create space on your phone. Extra battery packs are also essential for your phone to handle the whole day!
  • Bring snacks & water Food at conventions tend to be expensive, plus its better to save and spend that money at the exhibition hall, and not on food. So get some snacks, maybe some granola bars sandwiches, candy and WATER!
  • Don’t- forget makeup and extra safety pins! Comic Cons tend to run the whole day and sometimes we need a little retouch (specially, before a photo op). You always want to look your best because you never know who you will meet! And Cosplayers,  safety pins will be your best friend, for those moments that the cosplay doesn’t cooperate.
  • Business cards- If you are a blogger, cosplayer, or have a business make sure to bring your business with you. Comic Con conventions are great places for networking so don’t let the opportunity pass!
  • Poster tube- If you are like me and one of the reasons why you go to conventions is to buy wall art and meet celebrities and crushes at photo ops, I recommend bringing a poster tube so it’s easier to carry all your amazing wall art and photos (which let’s be real are not cheap!)
  • HAVE FUN & BE RESPECTFUL!-  Last and most important, remember everyone is there to have fun and geek out about their favorite fandom, so be respectful, ask politely for a picture and don’t be afraid to compliment! And HAVE FUN!! Enjoy all of the activities, panels, and don’t be shy to Geek Out!!!


Outfit Ideas

If you are going to a Con and not cosplaying that does not mean you can’t have fun and show off your Geek Pride! Here are some tips for your essential Con Outfits!

  • Comfy Shoes- are a must! You wanna be comfortable because at conventions you spend your day walking, standing in lines or exploring panels. If you wanna see how much you walk a day, next time that you go to a Comic Con and you have a smart watch or a Fitbit check out how many steps you did a day. It will surprise you!
  • Every day Cosplay- There are so many ways you can show your geekiness and one of them is by showing it through fashion, and it could be as simple as a geeky shirt or even throw a simple cosplay with what you already have at home.


Skirt: TeeFury [Sold Out] (Similar)

Lightsaber: Ultrasabers

Armor: Amazon

Shirt: Geek Girl Gang

Shirt: Forever 21 [Sold Out]

–May The Force Be With You —

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