Coffee Time

To celebrate girl power in the Star Wars Galaxy we decided to start a new segment called “Leia’s Rebellion: A Series of Geek Girl Interviews” where we interview Geek girls and ask them all about their love for Star Wars and what it means to be a Star Wars fangirl!

This week I interviewed Amy Ratcliffe. Amy is an author, editor at Nerdist and also writes for Star Wars. You can follow her on instagram and twitter at @amy_geek. You can find her book “Women of the Galaxy”  here.   Enjoy!

This week’s interview is with the talented creator behind Elhoffer Design Catherine Elhoffer. You can visit her shop at and follow her social media @elhofferdesign If you would like to know more about this segment don’t hesitate to email us at And don’t forget to Subscribe!



Check out my interview with Jordan from Jordandené with RoundTable PodRacers.



Soon to come an interview with the awesome creator of Geek Girl Gang, Chapter Officer of Geek Girl Brunch Miami and award winning Blogger Melificent!!!

Meanwhile make sure you check her awesome shop Geek Girl Gang Shop , blog Melificent and send this beautiful Geeky Mommy some love !