Reasons to watch Clone Wars

I’ve been asked before why I love Clone Wars so much!! I could go on and on about why you should watch Clone Wars, so here is a quick post about it.




There is so much more to Star Wars than the amazing movies! We have books, comics, and incredible shows like Clone Wars and Rebels! And the best thing is that this series (Clone Wars) was created by “The Maker” (C3PO voice) George Lucas himself along side mastermind Dave Filoni.  It takes place as the title states, during the Clone Wars, all the way to the start of Order 66. You will follow the struggles of the Republic against the Separatist army lead by Count Dooku. And YES it is cannon! You can follow this story and not wonder if this is what really happens or just another story in the vast Expanded Universe. The romance, the missions, the fights and conspiracies are incredibly written and acted. I personally love some parts of Clone Wars better than some parts of the prequels (Anakin and Padme’s relationship).



Another reason I love The Clone Wars series so much is that we get to get close and personal with so many stories that in the movies were just too short or we weren’t introduced to. For example, Darth Maul, we only get to see him for a couple of minutes in the movie. But in Clone Wars we get to see his story and it is incredible. From the way he is brought back (after seeing him get cut in half by Obi Wan) , all the way to the first looks at the Dark Saber and now the last scenes in Rebels. It is definitely one of my favorite stories. We really get to understand his journey, his goals, his struggles and his dark passion. His story in the Clone Wars made us understand why he needed that last scene with Obi Wan in Rebels.




One of my all time favorite characters is introduced in this series. I’m aware that a lot of people don’t like the fact that Anakin has a Padawan or that she was never mentioned in the movies but for me it is the total opposite. Ahsoka becomes an influential character for Anakin’s story. They were very attached, their relationship became much more than that of a Master and his Padawan. It was like a sibling relationship, attachments such as these were not allowed in the Jedi Order. Together they face a lot of adversity and we get to see a lot of Anakin’s trials and struggles that are not seen in the movies. We appreciate his character much more and better understand his eventual turn to the dark side.


Last, let’s be real the more Star Wars the better!! Clone Wars was not finished as intended but the 6 seasons are available on Netflix. So get some snacks..maybe a drink and let the BINGE begin!! Enjoy it and fall in love with Star Wars all over again!

Keep in mind Clone Wars is not in order for the first episodes on Netflix but you can find the right chronological order here through the official Star Wars website.



P.S: If you are looking to watch some, but not all the episodes (since it’s a lot) because you’re just dying to watch Rebels check out this Nerdist article written by one of my favorites, Amy Ratcliffe on Essential Clone Wars Episodes to watch. And no worries, Clone Wars was renewed on Netflix and is not leaving any time soon.


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