The Rise of Style

December is here and that means THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is almost here!! Are you freaking out? I am! I can’t wait to see how this trilogy ends; how they close Rey and Kylo’s story. Is Palpatine really alive? So many questions…

But while we wait, why not have some fun with a Star Wars fashion challenge! I’ve recently joined forces with Julie (@infinityjules), Alyssa (@mis.lys) and Nina (@lefancygeek). We created some fun daily themes for you to follow and be as creative as you want to be. You can post your pics on IG using the hashtag #TheRiseofStyle to be entered in a winner’s pool! Or even participate just for fun!! Everything Star Wars is applicable (from animation to real life shows or movies).

Here are our themes:

12/13 – Friday the Sith-teenth!

Vader love

The first day of our challenge is Friday the 13th so we naturally went “Dark Side”.. Show off your favorite Empire, First Order, Sith or villain from the franchise.

12/14 – Rebel Scum Saturday


Join the rebels, join the cause and show us your HERO side. Wether you are part of the Rebellion or the Resistance, there is no denying being a rebel is your calling!

12/15 – Bunday

For Royalty

We couldn’t have a challenge without a day being dedicated to ROYALTY! We know this movie will be for her and we need to celebrate our Princess! So show us your love for Leia with your favorite Bun style!

12/16 – Mando Monday

Image result for mandalorian baby yoda

We can all admit we’ve been obsessed with Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian! Even though The Mandalorian is not part of the Rise of Skywalker we wanted to have a day were we celebrate Mandalorians. If you don’t have an armor, no worries just find some beskar and be creative! You could even be baby Yoda, the client or Cara Dune!

12/17 – ArToosday

R2 Where are You!

Here is your chance to dress up as your favorite droid! The options are endless! From the classic droids like R2 to the newer droids like D-O! Be a maker and create something astronomical!

12/18 – Galactic Woman Crush Wednesday

Ahsoka the Great

Let’s face it , this galaxy is filled with amazing galactic senators, princesses, queens, jedis, rebels, siths and even aliens. Pick your favorite or favorites and honor them on this day!

12/19 – Porgsday

Filoni Loth Cat

No matter where you look , Star Wars planets are filled with amazing magical creatures, so it is only fair that they have a day all to themselves! From adorable Porgs to one of my favorites LOTH CATS, this is the day to get creative and become a Star Wars creature! P.S: Did you see the Loth Cat in the last episode of The Mandalorian?!

12/20 – Force Friday

Lady Lando

This is the day!! The release of The Rise of Skywalker! Too much excitement that we decided this should be a free-for-all day!! Show us your Star Wars premiere outfit! Use the FORCE!!

Now for the last part, some minor rules:

1. All posts must have the hashtag #TheRiseofStyle

2. All posts must be new! No reposts please! We want new outfits!

3. Cosplay is totally welcome but remember this is a FASHION challenge!

4. Have fun! And may the force be with you!

@legeekyliife and @infinityjules

Remember the fashion challenge starts Friday December 13th. Start prepping because there will be some giveaways!! Remember to follow @lefancygeek @infinityjules @mis.lys and yours truly @legeekyliife to not miss out on anything!! Have fun and May The Force Be With You!


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