I’m back!!!! And ready for business!

These last couple of months have been pretty rough and without going into detail I must say I’ve missed Star Wars. Trying to find a balance between family, work and doing what you love can be hard, but having certain hobbies that count as de-stressors are life changing. Star Wars has always been my top de-stressor and I needed to come back to enjoy it!

Because life can get pretty busy and adulting can get crazy but fun, I wanted to create a post with some comfy outfits you can wear to run errands, grab some coffee with your geeks, enjoy a movie or even go to a local con. Plus, you still get to have fun and show off some of your GEEK side!

I LOVEEE LOVEE everything from THE COLORFUL GEEK store which you can find here ->https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheColorfulGeek?ref=shop_sugg. Elena’s shirts are so comfy and cute! I got 3 different designs and I‘ve had so much fun styling them different ways.

You could never go wrong with a Doctor Who inspired red Converse moment

But I must say that out of all of The Colorful Geeks shirts I own this is by far one of my favorites! It makes me feel powerful and I love the saying “Fight like a woman”. We definitely need to remember that everyday!!

My next The Colorful Geek shirt that I will be styling will be posted next week and might include a giveaway!!! So stay tune and meanwhile check my instagram @legeekyliife for a sneak peek!!


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