Hello there 2019!

You are finally here! A year filled with Star Wars and I can not wait!!


The excitement has started and even though there is still some time for new material to be released, I wanted to share with you what I am looking forward the most this year! By the way, I do realize that there is much more content being released this year. This is just what I look forward to the MOST!

  • Clone Wars Season 7: If you’ve been following me this is no surprise! I love the Clone Wars series. I love everything Dave Filoni does with this franchise and I am so glad he gets to end this beautiful story the way it was intended to. The characters, creatures, and stories are out of this galaxy (cliche much?), and where Ahsoka’s journey leads her after leaving the Jedi Council is something I have always wonder. P.S: If you haven’t watched the Clone Wars this is the time to start! You can find the series on Netflix and you can listen to my podcast RoundTable PodRacer’s where Alexis and I discuss our favorite ARCS from the show here.
  • Episode IX: The last installment for the Skywalker trilogy will come out this year. Even though there is no title we know J.J Abrams will return to direct what he started. We also know Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Billy Dee Williams will appear in the movie. I hope to see Leia’s story conclude in a beautiful and magical way and I hope we get to see a cool old version of Lando. We will probably get the first trailer at Star Wars Celebration.
  • Star Wars Celebration Chicago: This is the event that I can not wait for! I am already planning outfits, after conference events, meetups and saving for all the merchandise! I had so much fun at last Celebration (post here). I know with everything being released this year and with it being a week instead of just a weekend this Celebration is going to be intense!! So no worries, I will be creating a post and video with all my advice and MUST HAVES! Feel free to share yours as well.


  • The Mandalorian: Being a fan of the Clone Wars series, there is no doubt that I am all in for this series. It will be aired on Disney +, a new streaming service by Disney and will be brought to you by no other than Jon Favreau. Even though a date hasn’t been announced, we know that the man behind the armor will be Pedro Pascal (you might know him from Game of Thrones or Narcos). We also know that the pilot episode is directed by the Mandalorian master himself, Dave Filoni. Not only am I a huge fan of the Mandalorians, thanks to Clone Wars and Rebels (Sabine is the best), I am also excited to see a fellow Latino as a lead role in a Star Wars. P.S: Jon Favreau if you need a distant prima I am here!!


  • Galaxy’s Edge: Or what I like to call “Disney take all my money”. As a Star Wars Fangirl, this makes my 5-year-old in me so happy! I love watching these beautiful galaxies and stories created by Star Wars come to life. Being able to walk around in a similar world is breathtaking. I can not wait to experience this world and to get to stay in a hotel that makes me forget about my real life for a bit.


  • Books  Comics & Games: All these and more will be released this year and you can see a few below. I am very thrilled to read E.K Johnston’s “Queen’s Shadow” which is all about Padme Amidala.




What are you excited about this 2019?

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