Last minute Valentine Day gifts…

Happy Valentines Day to all my fellow Rebels or Siths! I know I should have probably posted this before, but my job has been crazy lately. If you are like me and celebrate Valentines over the weekend and you still need something for your special someone, you still have a couple of days to go.

This time I wanted to do something different, so here are some HIS & HER gifts you both can enjoy this Valentines Day (or weekend).


For those moments you want to be extra cute: these matching couple shirts are just what you need. I might not be able to convince my husband to go out with matching shirts but these Box Lunch couples shirts are definitely super cute. And the best part is you can each wear it together or at separate times! Link here

Image result for box lunch couple star wars shirtImage result for box lunch couple star wars shirt


For those warm cozy coco nights or early coffee mornings  these  Her Universe mugs are just what you need. I must say I’m obsessed with this Vader mug. It’s so beautiful . Link here .


For those binge watching nights  what better than some cozy but rad Star Wars socks while enjoying your favorite Star Wars movie. These Stance socks can be found at Box Lunch. Link here .











For those moments when you feel like being a little competitive  the new BattleFront II is just what you need. You can both play missions together or compete and battle each other. At the end of the day, you get to enjoy some awesome Star Wars fun together. Link here


Image result for battlefront 2


A gift you can both enjoy … If you and your special someone like collectibles or toys, the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Box is definitely a gift that you will both enjoy. This is something me and my husband look into every other month. We don’t check the spoilers, and open it together to be pleasantly surprise (a video with both of us unboxing the last one will be up soon). If you want more information click here .

Related image


P.S. For those moments when you want to go outside the box  and go on an a date in a galaxy far far away, try saber combat. Wether you are light side or dark side, this will fulfill both of your dreams. You will be able to battle next to each other or against each other. It is not only cool but also a complete workout you and your partner will definitely enjoy. They are becoming more and more popular so look to see if you have one close by. And if you are close to the Miami area, I definitely recommend SaberCraft.


What has been one of your favorite Star Wars gifts or activities? Comment below


Have a great Valentines day and May The Force Be With You



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