I’m a Mouseketeer!

Happy FriYAY!!

Last year, I joined my geek chic friend and blogger @Melificent with her new creation “The Geek Fashion Blogger Alliance”. A community of Geek Fashion Bloggers who every month create an outfit based on a theme. The theme for this month was Disney!

Photography by Natasha Marie Photography

I wanted to do something different for this style and not go full on Star Wars (which was really hard). I kept asking myself who my favorite Disney princess or character was and it was hard to pick. I kept coming back to Mickey Mouse and how I loved the old school cartoons. They were always so simple but made me so happy. And that’s when it hit me, a little light bulb popped up over my head like it did for Mickey so many times before.

I wanted to be a Mouseketeer!

Doreen Tracey appeared on Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” during its original 1955-59 run. (Walt Disney Co.)

I remember seeing how cute Mouseketeers looked on videos and pictures, so I thought I’d give their iconic outfits my own twist!


Ears: Disney Park
Top: Forever 21 (Similar)
Leggings: Forever 21
Photography by Natasha Marie Photography


I had so much fun putting this outfit together and can’t wait for the next geeky fashion challenges in our group. If you are a geek fashion blogger and would like to know more info about “the Geek Fashion Blogger Alliance” send us an email at geekyfashionbloggersalliance@gmail.com or check out our Instagram and/or Facebook @geekyfashionbloggeralliance.


May The Force Be With You



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