Getting ready for The Last Jedi

Hey guys I’M BACK!!! I’ve been gone for a little while because of work, holidays and now The Last Jedi has me going a little crazy!

I’ve been asked by quite a few people how I’m preparing myself for the release of the movie, so I thought I’d share…

  • Avoiding Spoilers- My first rule!! I haven’t watched the trailers or read much about the movie. I just want to be mind blown!

  • Binge Watching – This year I’m doing my marathon watching a little different. I’m focusing on the Original Trilogy and really paying attention to Luke’s journey..

  • Finding a cute outfit- So I’m trying to figure out what to wear for the premiere. I want to be comfortable but still be Star Wars Geeky/Chic! Here are some of the shops I’ve been looking at (please if you have recommendations send them my way)
    • Her Universe – Last night Ashley announced a new line for The Last Jedi with Hot Topic and it looks incredible!  Her Universe never disappoints Shop Star Wars Collection
    • 1138 Clothing– Ive been following this shop for a while and this rebel outfit is one of the front runners 
    • The Colorful Geek– And for something more comfy but still Star Wars Geek Cute I recommend this shop!! Loving their new crop tops!!!



How are you getting ready for The Last Jedi?! 15 days left!!!!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for The Last Jedi

  1. So many Star Wars questions that we need Answers to!

    Who is Maz Kanata? How old is she? Did she ever know Yoda? Dies Supreme Leader Snoke know if her?

    Where are Rey’s parents right now? Who are they?

    Who is Snoke? Is he Palpatine? Darth Vader? Could he be Lord Vitiate? What caused him to look so shriveled-up?

    Will Luke communicate at all with the force-ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda?

    Who started the First Order and why?

    Could Snoke actually be Good? Will Like turn Dark? What new powers might Luke have now?


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