These are the Pins we are looking for..

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post is all about PINS! Let’s face it…

Who doesn’t love pins? They are a great little extra accessory that can make any outfit extra special. And lately, we can find any kind of pin imaginable on this galaxy.

If you want to start decorating a jacket with pins, here are some tips and tricks to get you started. I’m also letting you guys in on some pins shops I love:


67217f373f04c8741b1c1aad83cdf67fJean jackets are my go to for displaying my patches and pins.

Jacket: Her Universe

In my opinion, pins will stay put a lot better with denim fabric. Plus, you can add cute patches and mix and match your pins.

16731aa0532dd1a9e0235ae8a6e0471bHere are some close ups of the latest Star Wars pins I’ve bought and how I’ve chosen to decorate my Jacket:

  • IMG_2476


The Jedi pins we see here were last years Star Wars Celebration exclusive.

The other two are from one of my favorite shops called Geek Girl Gang.They’re the only non Star Wars related pins in my jacket!


  • IMG_2480

The Geek Girl Gang (which is one of my favorites) & I Rebel are also from Geek Girl Gang.

Vader is from Disney and the Leia was an exclusive pin to raise funds for Carrie Fisher’s campaign after she passed.


  • IMG_2479

Here we have another Star Wars Celebration exclusive: A mix of Rebels characters.

The Ahsoka pin was from Black Series Rebels

Ahsoka’s green piece was a gift from a friend who attended the Her Universe fashion show.

Luke vs Vader & the Porgs are Disney pins.

And Sabine is from the Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty.


And the Geek Babe is from Geek Girl Gang





67217f373f04c8741b1c1aad83cdf67fLast but not least, if you are like me and love wearing these jackets with pins to Cons or other events you will notice that some of them will fall easily. I used to be afraid of my pins falling off, but not anymore. My friend sent me this link and it has been a life saver! These are Pin Keepers and they have a locking system. I tried them and I must say they work much better than the rubber ones.

I hope this also helps you!


Let me know if you have any other pin hacks! We can never have enough!


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