Force Friday II [Episode III]

It’s Thursday! And that means Force Friday II is tomorrow!!

Force Friday II is the day that us fans can take home “The Last Jedi” merchandise. I’m usually not one to look at merchandise before the movie comes out because I hate spoilers but I’ll make an exception for Force Friday. The exclusives are so rad and after Friday they’ll be very hard to find.

This Force Friday II just got even better with the new “Find the Force” feature found in the Star Wars app. This feature let’s you scan AR codes that will be available in stores and online, you’ll be rewarded with data chips that reveal different characters.

I tried this myself while scanning the Rey image in the Her Universe website and found PORGS! This feature is like a combination of Pokemon Go and Snapchat. You are able to take pics and videos with the characters, it’s so awesome and fun! For more information go to Star Wars. If you want a list of participating stores and events click here. Go catch them all!!

By the way, go take a listen to Episode III of my podcast RoundTable PodRacers where we talk about Force Friday and rumors of the Obi Wan movie. Click on the link below!!

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May The Force Be With You!

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