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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all. Very exciting news and new adventures.

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for a while now. Whenever I hit traffic on the road, listening to my favorite podcasts makes it much better. It’s fun to listen to other fans talk about my favorite fandoms, specially Star Wars.

When my little Sith friend Julie came back from San Diego Comic Con, she came eager to start her blog (Infinity Jules). We discussed starting a podcast and three days later we recorded our first episode.

In our first episode we discuss how we met and how we formed a close bond, so close we decided to co-host an awesome podcast for all of you. We talk about everything including SaberCraft, SDCC, Supercon, D23, and much, much more.  We unbox the newest Droid themed Smuggler’s Bounty and give all the nifty little details of the goodies inside. We also rant about Star Wars and probably deviate from our topics a little too much, but fear not fellow nerds, its all pretty much about Star Wars.

You can find our podcast on Youtube, Soundcloud and even iTunes . Check it out! Follow us on Twitter @RTpodracers and leave us any comments or questions.

Enjoy it! May The Force Be With You!


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