Star Wars ON Stress OFF

I’m back!! It’s been a couple of crazy weeks for me with school, work and personal life. I thought about posting but decided to take some time off to organize myself. I felt it was better that way, and not have to rush to post just to post.

Since the last couple of weeks I was organizing and relaxing before the craziness of work started I decided to take some time to destress! And what better way to do it but with Star Wars.

I’ve found that there are different ways I can relax while enjoying my favorite fandom. Here are some of my favorites:

Star Wars The Clone Wars

  • Rewatching Clone Wars: This is my go to. I can rewatch this series over an over while having a glass of wine. There is just something about the clones and Jedis and Ahsoka with Anakin that makes me feel so happy.
  • Reading: A good book plus a yummy cup of coffee always cheers me up! Right now I’m reading Bloodline and Catalyst is next! Bloodline has been so great and emotional. Reading about little Ben before he became Kylo, Leia together with Han, and how they broke apart has been very interesting.IMG_2213

Bloodline: Barnes & Nobles

  • LEGOS: This is by far one of my favorite activities! Building a LEGO (specially Star Wars) is simply relaxing. I love putting on some relaxing music, making myself tea and just build my LEGO. Seeing it come along step by step is pretty cool.

Here is a little time lapse video of the last LEGO set I built. It was the 40th anniversary and it was very cool!


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