May the 4th Be With You!


May 4th has become a universal Holiday and let’s be honest it’s one of our favorites!! A whole day where we get to watch marathons, buy exclusive toys, almost everyone wears Star Wars shirts and we have special events, AMAZING! Unfortunately, this May 4th I got sick and wasn’t able to go celebrate 😦 .. At least I was able to celebrate at work wearing Star Wars gear and talking Star Wars with the kids!


Jacket: Her Universe
Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar)
Shorts: Pacsun

So for this post I wanted to share some of my latest obsessions…

May’s Holocron’s Finds!

  1. Her Universe Jacket:  I’ve been obsessed with this jacket ever since Ashley Eckstein first posted about it on Instagram! Her whole Geeky fashion line is amazing and I wish I could have it all!! She really has done amazing outfits for us Geeky Girls! I’ve been having fun putting some patches and pins in this jacket and it was perfect for Star Wars Celebration last month! 
  2. Ahsoka Print:  Last month at Star Wars Celebration I got to pick up this beautiful Ahsoka artwork by Danny Haas! Ahsoka is one of my favorite characters and when this print went for pre-sale I had to get it! It shows the older version of Ahsoka Tano with Anakin and Vader on the back! It’s really beautiful! IMG_3920 2

3. Ahsoka Itty Bitty & Book:  I must be honest I finished the Ahsoka book a while back but it is SOOOO GOOOD I needed to share! I loved her story in this book and how she got her white sabers was one of my favorite parts in the book! I was fortunate to go to the book tour E.K Johnston and Ahsley had at Disney Springs a couple of months ago and it was great to see how they took time to talk to everyone in line and take pictures! They are beautiful warrior women! Then I had the privilege (and one of my favorite moments in my life) to open up for E.K Johnston in her book fair appearance in Miami, doing a lightsaber choreography as “Ahsoka”. It was a total surprise for her, she loved it, and it was an amazing experience which I will cherish forever! Thank You E.K! Also, this May 4th, the Ahsoka Itty Bitty was released and I am excited that is now part of my collection!!!

4. La Barbuda: So I got introduced to this shop a few months ago by a friend and now I love it!! Her patches, shirts, pins and prints are phenomenal!! She has her own unique twist and they are super rad! I can’t wait to wear my shirt tonight and take lots of pics! Plus I finally found a Darth Vader patch I love and it’s going right now on my Her Universe jacket! Check her out at La Barbuda ! (Excuse Rey -my pup in the background) IMG_0733

5. Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: Last thing for today.. I am obsessed with board games and love doing Game Nights! When I saw they came out with a Trivial Pursuit Black Series for Star Wars I had to get it! Its so much fun! I tried it out with some family and friends and the questions go from super easy to super hard but it’s really fun! And yes, its doable! I had some friends be scared because some Trivial Pursuit games are intense but this has something for everyone!! Invite friends over, get some Star Wars inspired snacks and drinks and have a good time!! They sell it pretty much everywhere! I had a Barnes & Nobles gift card and bought it!


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